Booty Camp

What is Booty Camp?

Summer is coming and the beach beckons! At Booty camp we'll give your glutes and core a workout they will never forget! Grow, shape and tone nothing but lean muscle and get well on your way to crafting a magnificent booty! In addition to being beach ready, you can take your performance to the next level by targeting the often neglected posterior chain and midline. Hip thrust, sumo squats, glute bridges, split squats, assisted single leg squats, planks, tuck ups, ab roll outs, Russian twists i.e all the good stuff...Elegantly programmed supersets and circuits to stimulate growth, toning and shaping of the body parts that not only look good but improves performance and health! *Membership is not required to take this class!

Terms and conditions

*Before making an appointment please read the terms and conditions
  1. Your Booty Camp Booking can only be secured by a payment of at least 2,500 yen. We are not obliged to keep your appointment without a payment.
  2. You are buying a Spot/Place on our class, whether you attend or not, we still need to block the space for you which signifies denying our Members or other Trial/Drop in members a space in the Class because it has been assigned to you, therefore  bookings are strictly non-refundable even if you don’t come.
  3. You may change the date and/or time of your appointment if and only by notifying us via Email, Phone or SMS at least 48 hrs. before the scheduled appointment. The payment can be transferred to a rescheduled appointment and you will be entitled to reschedule 1 time ONLY.
  4. If you are unable to attend your rescheduled booking, your payment will not be refunded.
  5. We may refuse to reschedule the appointment if you notify us less than 48 hrs. prior to the appointment. In this case the payment will not be refunded.

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