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Performance and Fitness

A: Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

“Bar Star”

Teams of 3:


50 Back Squats (155/105)

50 Back Squats (185/125)

AMRAP Back Squats (225/145)

Rest 3 Minutes


50 Bench Press (135/95)

50 Bench Press (155/105)

AMRAP Bench Press (185/135)



If unable to Bench Press, complete Push Presses taking the bar from the floor:

1st Bar: 115/85

2nd Bar:135/95

3rd Bar:155/105

Rest 3 Minutes


50 Deadlifts (185/135)

50 Deadlifts (225/155)

AMRAP Deadlifts (275/185)

Combining strength and conditioning with these three AMRAP 7’s

With one athlete working at a time, teams of 3 will break up reps as they see fit

Score is total reps at the last barbell on each movement added up together


Athletes should be able to complete the below reps when fresh for each weight jump on each movement:

First Weight: 20+ Unbroken Reps

Second Weight: 15+ Unbroken Reps

Third Weight: 10+ Unbroken Reps


Below are suggested reps schemes to hold for each barbell

Adjust as needed based on feel

1st Weight: Switch around 7-10 Reps

2nd Weight: Switch around 5-7 Reps

3rd Weight: Switch around 3-5 Reps

Switch out before you start to struggle

Getting to the point in a set where the bar is moving slowly makes it harder to come back from

We will need your help to quickly get into groups of similar strength. However some groups may need to work together to quickly adjust loads for each partner. On the Deadlifts groups can use more than one Barbell if necessary.

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